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Inspired by the techniques and design patterns used by the developer of WooCommerce, the most flexible and extendable ecommerce software.


Techie: an clothing store. I built it with Laravel 8, MySQL 8.0, and Bootstrap 4. It is a an e-commerce systems. It has everything from A to Z a real medium to large e-commerce company website has registration, email verification (or account activation) authentication, adding items to cart, updating cart, placing orders (payment method), receiving text notification, email notification about the order, receiving order invoice through email and text message, using rewards points, tracking orders, detailing with a return, updating, and account, promotion, coupons, etc. It makes heavy use of Object-Oriented Programming PHP version 7 way, PHP Functional Programming, MVC Design Patterns, and The Singleton Pattern. | NEEDS UPDATE: update comming on june 15th, 2022.

For access to project private github repository, please contact me directly  +1.385.436.1984

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